Beaufort Harbor's Wild Horses

This wild-horses collage was created by award-winning photographer Bob Decker. View more of his work on Carolina Footprints.

The information below was provided by North Carolina Coastal Reserve.

- Cape Lookout National Seashore -

Excerpts below are from these two very informative PDFs

Cape Lookout National Seashore and the Rachel Carson Reserve are both home to wild horses. 

The horses do not swim back and forth between Shackelford Banks and RCR, but they do swim between marsh islands on their respective reserves.

If you get too close to a wild horse, you could be charged, kicked or bitten. Watch from at least 50 feet. If horses come toward you, move away or, if you can't, stay very still while they pass. Horses have the right-of-way. If a horse stops what it's doing to stare at you, stop or back up.

The wild horses are protected by law. Feeding, touching, teasing or intentionally disturbing wildlife, including horses, is dangerous and illegal.
The best way to enjoy observing the wild horses is to use binoculars and watch them from afar. 

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